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This is excellent! I like how well you get Ironsworn as a worldbuilding engine, establishing frameworks but leaving room for individual fill-ins.

Hello, any updates on the state of development? Looking forward to the full release!

Hello, arcene! I'm working on the game still slowly but surely. I don't want to give a clear deadline because things are too unpredictable but once I'm in the homestretch I'll do a devlog update with a date.


Hello? Still out there? Any chance of  having the assets/augments on cards?

Thanks for your question! Do you mean in print? Currently, it's just a digital game but when the final release comes out, I'll try and figure out what print options I can offer.

As in easily human readable and part of the document so you don't have to crack open the back end of your google sheet to see what the augments do.

Yeah, that will definitely be there in the next version.


Curious. Whats the current state id development of this hack? Still playtest?

It's still in playtest currently, yes but I'm looking to release the full game in 3-4 months. Thanks for asking!


Has anyone created a “Public world” SeekerNet mentioned on page 10 of the rules? I’d like to play this game with others, but my group isn’t interested. 

I figured setting it up in a big roleplay community such as roll Gate would work well.


I please request you to complete this even if the goal is not reached. I really like dystopian cyberpunk type play set and i am thinking of starting ironsworn with hyper city. Please i request you to complete it! 

What a cool project! I especially love the idea of playing in a familiar city. Personally, I feel like I could use more help with starting the game, with the Inciting Incident. Maybe some random tables to set the scene? Where in the city am I when I awake? Who and what is around me? What do I have on my person (that could be a quest starter perhaps)?


Great ideas! I'll definitely add them to the finished version of the game. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Really excited about this. The transformation of Iron Vows into Burning Questions is really interesting. Would it be possible to have normal, printer-friendlier sheets for the Moves Reference instead of current spreads?


Thanks! And I'll get print friendly sheets up in a few days! 


And done. Added a print-friendly moves PDF!

Awesome. Thank you so much!


Are there any known playtest SeekerNets out there yet?  Maybe on discord?


There are none that I know of - but if you start one, I can direct people there. You could also post a link here!


HyperCity by Thomas Manual is a cyberpunk Ironsworn hack. It is a great solo game, and you can exchange stories with other players to create a interconnected world. It offers simple rules to create your character and a futuristic dystopian version of an existing city. It also includes a handy 12-page reference for the moves you need to tell the story. They guide your through without needing a GM, telling you what you can do and how the world reacts, creating an organic cyberpunk world for solo play.

pages 8 and 9 are the same


Fixed! Thank you, Skylady!